Visit the Empire State Building
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Visit the Empire State Building

October 15, 2017
Category: New York Attractions

The Empire State Building is an iconic and historic 102-story Art Deco skyscraper on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. This world-famous skyscraper is recognizable from afar and attracts 4 million visitors every year. The Empire State Building began construction during the Great Depression in 1930 and topped out in just fifteen months on April 11, 1931. This incredible feat of engineering pushed boundaries and amounted to be the tallest building in The World for nearly 40 years until the old World Trade Center towers eclipsed its record in the 1970s.

About The Empire State Building:

The Empire State building is located at 350 Fifth Avenue in Midtown. Standing at 1,250 feet tall and stretching to 1,454 feet with its antennae mast, The Empire State Building is a monolith of immense proportions and a symbol of New York, which you will find lit up in a variety of colors every evening.

The Empire State Building is a landmark that offers observation decks on the 86th floor and 102nd floor. You will have to stand in long lines to get access inside; the security line, the tickets line and elevator line. So the best idea is to save some time by skipping the lengthy ticket line by booking your ticket in advance online or purchasing a CityPass.

You can capture memorable pictures of the NYC skyline at the observation decks. The opening time of ESB is 8.00 AM in the morning and the great news is that it stays open until 2.00 AM in the morning. It means you can get there when all other attractions in the city are closed or even plan an ascent early in the morning. Find details about ticket prices and book online at

If you are planning on visiting the Empire State Building, check the weather before scheduling your visit. In the winter season, prefer to wear warm clothes especially if you are planning on going up to the outdoor observation deck. For those who are planning to explore the site in summer are advised to bring sunblock and a protective hat.

Couples will be happy to know that the ESB allows weddings on Valentine’s Day but your application must be lucky enough to be selected. Those who are planning to visit the landmark with the family will also find this place entertaining for children. There is lots of education material for kids and they will definitely feel excited by exploring the awesome views the top of the building. Cameras and camcorders are allowed to the site but you cannot carry the tripod inside. Also, bottles and glass are not permitted inside for the security reasons.

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