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Blog: Kenilworth-NJ-Attractions

Tour the Whitney Museum of American Art

May 15, 2018

The Whitney Museum of American Artwork is an amazing museum to visit if you share an interest in learning more about twentieth-century and contemporary artwork in America.  This is a museum that places a specific focus on artwork created by artists that are still living, and in many ways illustrates the development of American Artwork throughout the years. Of all New York City museums, this one certainly stands apart. About the Whitney Museum of American Art The Whitney Museum of American...

Explore the Deserted Village nearby our Hotel Kenilworth NJ

January 15, 2018

The Deserted Village is the local name for The Feltville Historic District. It is situated within the Watchung Reservation in Berkeley Heights. The historic area in Union County of New Jersey has a church, eight homes, one general house and one carriage house. Most of these buildings date back to the eighteenth century. Also known as the deserted village of Feltville, the place has been a summer resort, the farming community and mill town in the past. There are three families who can be called p...

Explore the River: Cranford Canoe Club

December 15, 2017

Located in Cranford, the Cranford Canoe Club is a place where you can rent canoes or kayaks to row down a calm river and enjoy kayaking and canoeing as you please. The Rahway River is calm and gentle, making it easy to paddle down. You can have your younger children join you for the ride and make the entire experience a memorable family expedition. About the Cranford Canoe Club The Club is a rental service, which lends out canoes and kayaks to locals and tourists at varied rates. You can exper...